Milano Clutch Bag - Red


Milano Clutch Bag - Red



  • 100% hand-crafted by Italian artisans

  • 100% Italian leather from Tuscany

  • Zip fastening along top and right corner

  • Fully lined in black canvas

  • Wristlet strap

  • 19cm H x 25cm W 

  • Made to order item 

  • Free delivery and returns

This stylish clutch bag is designed by Alice.D and fully hand-crafted in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. Alice.D’s clutch bag is equally elegant and versatile. You can wear it during the day with a pair of jeans and a comfy-look sweather to make your day-look more distinctive or, for example, you can wear it at night to break your total black outfit with a bit of colour. Alice.D’s clutch bag is also perfect to store your daily essentials when you carry around your Milano tote bag.

The superior quality of the leather used to hand-craft this bag allows Alice.D’s artisans speak for themselves, while the simple design in a double-toned red design makes it an enjoyable compliment for any outfit. This clutch is a simple luxury that can be used for any occasion.

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The Story of Milano Bags

A Milano bag isn’t simply a bag, but the result of Italian creativity combined with high-quality craftsmanship. Donatella designed this two-toned leather bag for the first time in 2008 taking inspiration from the naturally beautiful colours of Italy. Her aim was to create a bag which was stylish and playful at the same time, specifically designed for women who can’t make up their minds when choosing the colour of a bag! The Milano bag was born. Since then, Donatella and Alice spend hours selecting every material that goes into their handbags, seeking out the highest-quality Italian leather, in the trendiest colours, touching and examining them first-hand.

To produce their bags, Alice and Donatella exclusively source Tuscan leather, the softest and most buttery in the world. Tuscan leather is considered of the highest quality in the world because cows are grass-fed and do not have the stretch marks of force-fed cows. In addition, the leather used by Alice and Donatella is naturally and locally tanned and the entire process is chemical-free.

Alice and Donatella are always listening to their customers, brainstorming new designs, new colour combinations and new styles based on what they think. If you love the Milano bag but you haven’t found the colour you like, feel free to contact us. We’ll be in touch providing you with you the full list of colour options from which you can choose your hand-crafted Milano bag.


The Story of Alice. D.


Alice.D brand is co-founded by Alice and Donatella, two amazingly stylish women from Milan. More precisely, they are mother and daughter united by a passion for fashion, high-quality and heritage. Alice and Donatella started their company creating leather goods for luxury Italian brands but Donatella’s experience in leather design and Alice’s background in economics led them to successfully launch their first capsule collection of beautifully hand-crafted bags in 2009. The secret of their success relies on great Italian design combined with the use of time-proven techniques to craft the leather. Alice and Donatella have established an extremely solid relationship with their leather craftsmen who possess the highest skills to manufacture top-quality bags.

When we met Alice and Donatella for the first time in their gorgeous studio situated in an ancient building in Milan, we spent hours over home brewed Italian coffee talking about design, fashion and leather-crafting techniques. Time flew and, all of the sudden, we weren’t just prospective business partners anymore but simply women sharing their deep-rooted passion for quality and heritage. Alice and Donatella’s genuine and spontaneous attitude together with their determined and rigorous approach to business is what we love the most about partnering with Alice.D as a brand.